Week of:

February 11th – February 15th, 2019

  • 2nd Conferences are Monday, February 11th (Request only)
  • Thursday, February 14th – Valentine’s Party with our 4th Grade Buddies
  • Please send in a decorated shoe box to collect Valentines
  • Friday, February 15th - Clap-Out 3:15pm
  • February Break – Monday, February 18th – Friday, February 24th
  • Language Arts

    Words of the week: my, would, me, will, yes

    High Frequency Words: ago, boy, girl, how, old, people

    This week we are continuing our Unit 3 First Grade Wonders Unit.

    Essential Question: How is life different than it was a long time ago?

    Genre: Nonfiction

    Stories: Long Ago and Now, From Horse to Plane, and Life at Home

    Phonics: O_E, U_E

    Structural Analysis: CVCe syllables

    Writing: Ideas and Poetry, Non-Fiction Penguin Study

    Stations: We continue Literature stations this week.

    Word Study: Lists are sent home on Friday and Test on Friday.
    Regular spelling words – hope, nose, note, rope, cute, cube, nice, ledge, ago, people, now, long, no, came, ask

    **Please review on Spelling City.

    Book Bags: Please have your child read them for a week and return them on Tuesdays.

    Writing: Write and Tells, Penguins


    We will wrap-up Unit 4 with a test on Thursday. We will not start Unit 5 until after February Break. We will continue working on Dream Box and eSpark during our Math Station routine. Students will also work in stations.


    We will continue our journey through Discovery Science and will continue to learn about Penguins.

    Social Studies

    Now and Then, Presidents


  • If work is not being completed in school, it will be sent home for homework. This work will have a HW or Homework listed at the top. Please complete it and return to school the next day.
  • Assigned Homework will be given. Please see notes on each assignment.
  • Dream Box
  • Snacks

    Two healthy snacks and a water bottle must be sent in everyday. Fruit, vegetables, and protein bars are a great choice. We are a Peanut/Tree Nut free classroom.


    Please make sure you check the weather daily and dress your child accordingly.