Week of:

May 13 – May 17, 2019

  • May 14th – Last Day for Book Bags to be filled. All Book Bags are Due May 1st – For School Year!
  • May 27th – No School; Memorial Day
  • June 14th – Last Day of School; Dismissal at 12:04pm
  • Language Arts

    Words of the week: ran, let, help, make, going

    High Frequency Words: began, better, guess, learn, right, sure

    This week we are continuing our Unit 5 First Grade Wonders Unit.

    Essential Question: What inventions do you know about?

    Genre: Non-Fiction

    Stories: Great Inventions, The Story of a Robot Inventor, and Thomas Edison, Inventor

    Phonics: OR, ORE, OAR

    Structural Analysis: Abbreviations

    Writing: Word Choice

    Stations: We continue Literature stations this week.

    Word Study: Lists are sent home on Friday and Test on Friday.
    Regular word list: born, corn, core, more, roar, soar, her, dirt, learn, sure, ran, let, help, make, going

    Challenge word list: pork, store, horn, horse, world, tore, shore, roar, board, north, ran, let, help, make, going

    **Please review on Spelling City.

    Book Bags: Please have your child read them for a week and return them on Tuesdays.

    Writing: Weekly writing assignments


    We have completed Unit 7 in math! The students did GREAT on their test! We will be doing a YEAR END REVIEW to prepare for our upcoming NWEA Test. The students will not have math homework during this time. Once the review is done, I will begin Unit 8, adding with double digits and homework will continue.


    We will continue our journey through Mystery Science and begin Life Cycles of a Butterfly.


  • If work is not being completed in school, it will be sent home for homework. This work will have a HW or Homework listed at the top. Please complete it and return to school the next day.
  • Assigned Homework will be given. Please see notes on each assignment.
  • Dream Box
  • Snacks

    Two healthy snacks and a water bottle must be sent in everyday. Fruit, vegetables, and protein bars are a great choice. We are a Peanut/Tree Nut free classroom.


    Please make sure you check the weather daily and dress your child accordingly.